Here is a little glimpse from conceptual sketches for an interesting but a large project I am working on- series of unique books by Kamesh Aiyer that re-imagine the epic, Vyasa's Mahabharata . These will be published for Kindle as e-books and later as a collection in print. These stories provide a very rational and human perspective on the epic, its conetxt and its people! There are no heroes and no villains. We are working with black and white sketches- for a raw action and emotion. 
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inside outside

then I drew a mind that is at war with itself
claiming the world, so hastily.


yoga t-shirts

These were to be simple T-shirts for children, that a Yoga Institution had asked me to make. I had fun drawing these. But they never saw a light of the day, for some unkown reasons .

I really love these children having fun! So thought I must share them with everyone.
Send an email to me if anyone is interested in these prints, I can send print files of these designs with other details and you can get them printed as t-shirts/covers/posters if you like !