from my granary

granaries are a stock of grains that are stored for emergency or otherwise




Right after I put this up Anish said,
" :) you can not really carry the spinning thing !"
what is it that i do then?


from orange diary

these are some drawings from the last year's orange diary.
last year was so full of work and events that
i had no time to scan these.
they are desperate drawings done in trains, buses, shady hotel rooms and highway villages.



hello all!

Dear friends,
Due to some mysterious action the images on my blog have disappeared.
I am desperately trying to recover them.
Do suggest if you know any way out!

or else will start all over again :)

So please be on my side!



Aesthetics of Indian Classical music in visuals (parts of a story board)

This is work in progress, to make an animation film for Bandish Project with music and visuals which unfolds the elements of aesthetics of Indian classical music .This is expected to be a learning tool.


the Counsel of Strangers by Gouri Dange

This is a bookmark for a new novel by Gouri Dange
the Counsel of Strangers
The novel will be published in July 2010 by
omo books.
So watch this space for more.
Read about the novel here


Classical Music

I recently did these very simple Music CD covers
and absolutely loved the musical experience.