inside outside

then I drew a mind that is at war with itself
claiming the world, so hastily.


yoga t-shirts

These were to be simple T-shirts for children, that a Yoga Institution had asked me to make. I had fun drawing these. But they never saw a light of the day, for some unkown reasons .

I really love these children having fun! So thought I must share them with everyone.
Send an email to me if anyone is interested in these prints, I can send print files of these designs with other details and you can get them printed as t-shirts/covers/posters if you like !


my book

Rs 85. Age 4+
A beautiful pictorial representation of night, this book could really fire a child’s imagination. The black-and-white drawings evoke a complex web of night sounds in the forest – hushed silences, the chirping of crickets, running water, the rustling of leaves. Writer-illustrator Junuka Deshpande is also a filmmaker and it shows on every page of this visually arresting book. Samina Mishra (Book Nook, Time out , Mumbai)


the day the stocks soared high

Now the earth itself has been turned into nuclear energy.
Kindly wear your masks.

Sneha Uplekar has generously provided a title for this work.


a peek into a project

I am collaborating with a writer and we are working on an exciting project for children.
Here is a glimpse from an ongoing work!
(I will post the details soon)



A lot of new work is coming up soon. I am scanning the journal pages!
sorry for not showing up for a few days, I was hibernating from the internet.

I am posting a set of three older works. These were also a part of the accidentally deleted works that went into google's black hole a few months ago.

These drawings were done in my final year at NID in 2004
I was missing Ahmedabad today.