am I seeing it?

(Am I seeing it-1, ink on A4 paper)

(Am I seeing it-2, ink on A4 paper)

(Am I seeing it-3, ink on A4 paper)

(Am I seeing it-4, ink on A4 paper)

(Am I seeing it-5, ink on A4 paper)

(Am I seeing it-6, ink on A4 paper)


chirag-e-toor jalao...

the place where
turbulence lives
and feathers of peace float
In my arms I see
two clouds.
One of my own darkness
Another, of flowing water from the other side of the mountain.
Chirag-e-toor jalao by Mehdi Hasan
Dharamshala diary


The pair of feet

The tree stands dripping in rain
I stand under,wet.
Looking up at the sky through the leaves,
drops fall down straight in me
(I wonder if they become tears?)
I remember the other day
and yet another
and then yet another
I think of all the rains gone by
and try to think of this new one.

and I see
The pair of feet...
sitting inside a mound of plastic sheet
and a hand wiping water around the pair of feet.
On a pink piece of carpet, sit shiny toe rings,red saree and sound of glass bangles.
and I see then
an entire home around the pair of feet.

I remember temples
and the pair of feet
ready to be touched,standing.



Child with bringles

(mixed media on paper)
Katchal, an island
E-wall, the village
Smelling burnt wood
Jacky ,the dog
Ashwini, the child
Clamentine, the friend
Me , the lost
found here...!


ते गेले तेंव्हा

सगळा वाराच थांबलाय
आवाज बंद झालेयत

पण भोंगे वाजातायत
दुकाने झग्मग्तायत
एसी चे झोत सोडतायत
सुंदर मुली गाणी गातायत
सुंदर मुले प्रचंड आनंदाने हसतायत
लाल इमारतींमधे खा-प्यायला वारेमाप आहे
अतोनात जागा आहे झोपायला...

ते गेलेत पण .
ते गेलेले आहेत.

आणि गल्लोगल्लीचे घाशिराम घाम पुसत घरी निघलेत.