kon guru ani kon shishya

Sadguruvachoni Sapadel Soy

Vinda Karandikar is a legend of marathi literature. On the occasion of Gurupournima i happen to bump into one of his great works...

he mazya sarva mitra-maitrini, shishya,gurunsathi...
tumchi khup athvan nehmich yete.aaj ajun prakarshane ali.


na daro rang mope...

Today we sang a new bandish in bageshree.
Sensual, Sexual, Smoothly flowing.
Radha talking to Krishna through every note, every matra,every word of the bandish and through every particle of her body.
The bandish runs really fast. drut-lay.full of energy.
as i sang i realised i was feeling the feeling.at least i was supposed to feel the feeling.

metaphors,contexts,spaces.a total mixmatch.i try to be one with it.i try to be one with myself.i only try.
It hits me .

I often wonder what were they like as people the Krishna and the Radha , who gave freedom to so many emotions of love, attraction,gaze, sex, touch and yes, a celebration of it all.

I often also wonder what were Adam and Eave like,as people?
Did they ever sing?what was it like,then?

na daro rang mope
tang vasan ang ang
pragat hot brijvaasi dekhat sab!

kaisi na tohe laaj aave
niharat jobanva mora
beech dagar gher let
mose chhed karat sab!

na daro rang mope...



Illustrations for a children's book about night in the forest. I had put some here long ago...Here are some new ones!


gone with the sun

(poster colour on sketchbookpaper,2008)

Pages from HIV Campaign

Prayas,an organization works diligently for years on HIV and related issues.These are some posters from the series of posters made for them.This was also supposed to be a small book.It was a challenging experience to put information and complex social scenario surrounding HIV AIDS with brightness and visual interest.The bright yellow was inspired by STD booths and truck graphics!



It is the way
to educate
your eye,
and more.

Die knowing

You are not
here long"

by Walker Evans
from 'The art of looking sideways'


aage aage

(mixed media on paper,8X6",2008)

mein tha jiske peechhe peechhe
ab mein uske aage aage
dekha jab mein aage peechhe
dekha sab kuchh aage aage!

Kumar Gandharva
(in context of his work and music)