eye and i

i am a nut
and you?
i am a tree
and you?
i am an earth
and you?

i am a mirror
and you?
i am a story
and you?
i am an eye
and you?

you me
me you
it is such a small world, i tell you!


...shot again

That says it all
Some dream of Shanghai
Some dream of bread
The city of dreams

The film interacts with the slums of Mumbai.The city practically runs on slums.Approximately 50 % of Mumbai's population lives in the slums.Dream of Shanghai evicted thousands of lives.
What do people have to say?
The film addresses the complex interdependence of people and the city. The labor and the prosperity.It was shot over a period of time with NAPM, Mumbai and is used widely for the campaign.



moving with us.the universe.

These are the film stills from a documentary, 'moseti' i made in 2005 with Bhasha and Aadivaasi Academy in the interiors of Gujrat.Ajmiben belongs to a community called Dungra bheels who live in the hills. The film made me find that humanscape exists whether or not your film 'captures' it.So filmmaking is not a magical solution to solve the worldly matters.Rather the world exists because it's all so unsolved!


again, to the webmaker

webmaker webmaker,
do you ever get bored?
making webs,
making the whole...?


(untitled, drawing ink and poster paint on paper,8X8")