The G-Talk dream

Two days ago I dreamt a dream in a bus to mumbai from Ahmadabad.I had slept off with the earphones and Kishori Amonkar singing raga Yaman.It was a gmail screen i saw with many people online...the green and the red dots...(now i know where si-fi movies are inspired from!!). The moment i came online they poped up.many ppl were saying hi. few were in particularly saying something.A large number was silent with their status messages displaying a frowny feeling.I was a mediator between two lovers online who were not talking to each other but to me at the same time.So i was very worked up.You were telling me about a temple you visited for two days and how it was the best idea to go there when you went. It was an old temple of stones and you lived there in the ruines for two days.I was saying hmm...
When I woke up I was startled to see the bus and Morning-Mumbai outside the window and Kishori Amonkar was still singing raga Yaman in the earphones from the last evening...
My g-talk dream was the best mode of continuous imagined communication in a half awake state of being.I found it very metaphorical.Arent we all in this state most of the time?

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