Photosketches of udaypur

Udaypur, in 2004 was a treat for a lone traveller.
People and places in udaypur merge in each other like magic...you dont know who is who!

With lots of poha(roadside snack of puffed rice) and chai i had too much fun with only 100Rs in my pocket, hence no place to stay.I wish i could stay in the palace.I remembered all the thumris with tinted coloured light falling on white walls so sat and sang there.It was a first exprience of singing on the street(on the palace street)and it gave me a good high...!


i was sketched!

art by shreyas krishnan,NID
I went to NID after 2 years..and had this 'BAatein' session at Audi. I used to stand here when I used to announce film club screenings...
But this time it was really scarry..some 100people watching you and ready for scrutiny.I felt like a jury time with 100judges sitting in front.It was also very intense for me as I realised I was still a student somewhere inside and could imagine myself sitting there.And while all this talk and drama was happening there was somebody sketching.I was very thrilled to recieve the sketch when I got back to Pune.