Focus is the only requirement to ride on the roads of this town.One can let go of traffic rules,even fuel for that matter. If you are capable of looking only in front and capable of zooming into a smallest lane with confidence and only think of a path ahead you have a bright future!
I realised my future is very dark as I ride the way I walk.Looking around,up,down,at people,arbitrary shops and additionally at myself with the background of a road in the rear view mirror!
I am trying hard not to and people help me in this journey towards bright future by generous honking and dirty looks.

Wish me all the best!


Owl in Japan

Stolen with permission from collection of 'Tokyo stories' by Abeer ,who thinks that his life is like a badly made student film with undecided cuts, too many jerky frames and random colour corrections.


Eleanor Rigby

Today I saw him on the road,coming from behind the tree!!
The boy I had sketched years ago,far away in Ahmedabad or somewhere else and had named him Eleanor Rigby.
This was actually just too much to handle..!!!


On top of the Hill

Who knows

where am I

who am I

what am I

I travels across

It echos


Today on the hill

It wanted to tumble down but

It sang instead with throatful of air and heartful of love!