Binati Suno Mori

Bageshree was deep and transparent today.Like fresh water in an old deep well.
I was totally blown with a feeling of dipping alone in the well.Cold,large but soothing enough to make me forget who I am.
The bandish was about requesting..to say..'listen to my request!'to be sung in slow or mideuim pace,giving a lot of space to oneself to pause and express at the same time.

Binati Suno Mori
Avadhapur ke basaiyya
More tum bin kaun
Bhav ke taraiyya

Jahan jahan bhayee bheed
Tahan tahan diyo dheer
Janaki pat Raam
Dukh ke haraiyya

and of course as usual it went beyond what it literally meant(with Raam or Seeta or Avadh) and I could vaguely see the possibility of a road there,The beyond or the freedom.



Discoing Bageshree

Like a free, wandering and beautiful feather the Bageshree made music to me today and I danced within.
I think the images came out of my head first and then from my throat. I have no idea what was happening!
Three saptakas:Three journeys

Once I had wine and danced the night.
Today my voice was just doing that.It wouldn't stop.We sang and sang.Softly,loudly,gently,vigorously and with some unheard inbetweens too.Just endless play with no boundaries of bandish or tal.

Just when I had already reached a desert full of sand and imagining my hair blowing by the wind,Anjalitai said, our Bageshree is having a disco time today.