Last time the Bageshree I sang was just like melting solid as I said folds unfolding...Today what I got to realise was completely opposite. As Anjalitai says it was completely opposite to my character too. She said, sing as if you are the only one making a point you want to make.Do it as its the last chance!
And I did it.

Its the way one approaches every note and the whole structure. Putting all my little strength on stake I just did not ponder and linger(as I do always for everything)and kept singing as if there is no end to the road. I found something again and at the same time forgot myself completely with no other thought in my head.In my mind I was exploring a huge tree,climbing every branch and feeling every leaf.It was a different Roop of Bageshree.

When I stopped I felt so beautiful!


3 Kavita...Aarti Prabhu

One afternoon and one evening I drawned in these...specially the first and the third one.
and of course I have no capacities to translate these works by Aarti Prabhu,one of the great poets of the century.So..only for my marathi friends...a part of my soul.



Is it an addiction or desire?
I am wondering.I have to have my headphones on, whenever I am walking on the road,alone.Someone said I don't want to face the world so I walk around with headphones.
But I feel so good looking at everything with background music.

When ears are plugged and mouth is shut
Everything seems fine and gay,but-
Myself, even more invisible
in an anonymous entangle

But its such good fun!
Till now I have broken six different kinds of headphones and have become headphone specialist.
Have made bus conducters happy by smiling at them as an effect of music in the ears.
Have been running and walking so much and keeping fit,also saving petrol and the planet earth.

Am I not facing the world?