the heartowner

sitting with cold feet
i start drawing lines that help me make sense
when i seek and when i dont find an eye.

its my first time,in front of the heartowner.
he who arrives and sits far away,makes me arrive.

and we sit here in front of him as unknown people on a trip and as known souls trying to dwell in own hearts.

the heartowner echoes to pierce
my lines become invisible...
and eyes moist.

i dare to look into his eyes when i bend to touch his feet.
i only dare for a moment.

but is it all about finding the eye?
if it is, i will stop making sense.


26 Down

duritanche timir jaavo
vishwa swadharma soorye paho
jo, je vaanchheel to te laho
-Pasayadaan,Sant Dynaneshwar

down the dump with myself

when i see the bottom of the dump
i realise dump has no connection with its bottom.
bottom just carries.it suffers but it holds.
and is indifferent.

26 years:how many bottoms does one see?

down with self
i lay peacefully
the bottom lets me be
and the dump flies away.



Switch it all off,i say

but will i reach the switch..?
will anyone reach the switch..?

by the way where is the switch..?

when some hands think

(mixed media on paper8X5)