Rambo Walk on 26th Jan

My neck pains stomach growls head spins mind blows eyes wide open now
I am not keeping very well and reason is becoming more and more unknown.

Today I was walking down the two wheelers bridge in the old city of Pune towards Deccan.I saw the riverbed from top of the bridge.Rambo circus has parked itself there. As I walked the bridge I saw the whole circus from top.From the main gate to the tents at the back. As if one is looking at a large aurthographic drawing.Huge,shiny and Old.

Towards the end of the bridge facing the bridge wall was sitting a security guard, to guard the Rambo circus..! he sat playing a mobile game with open umbrella tied to a chair which was again tied to the bridge railings. The umbrella carried an Indian flag.Wind blew nastily.

Lovers sat and stood on the bridge footpaths with heads turned facing the Rambo circus.Their backs moved with joy.
With the headphones(again) the mundane world looked great enough with a circus-shining under my feet...

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