Eleanor Rigby

Today I saw him on the road,coming from behind the tree!!
The boy I had sketched years ago,far away in Ahmedabad or somewhere else and had named him Eleanor Rigby.
This was actually just too much to handle..!!!


Gouri Dange said...

hey, wondered why your boy named that. that beatles song...it is so poignant. the beatles at their sensitive best.

Junuka said...

yes!at that time i was on that mode!!i love the song..and the boy reminded me of the line..all the lonely people where do they all come from..(then)
was spooked when i saw him here.

Junuka said...

where do they all belong...

Nitya Amarnath said...

all u need is love..
amazing same band composed such extreme songs..

Anonymous said...

i like this sketch... and all your other sketches on paper.