the new age rhyme

(with spanish guitar playing at the back..and janis joplinish voice singing)

There is a person called life sitting somewhere

it laughs a lot
it travels a lot
it sleeps a lot
and yes, eats a lot.
it keeps laughing at all we do

and when it snores and burps and farts
dreams happen

lalala hahaha
I love the person called life


Manaswini said...

hmmm.. hmmmmm.. gungunavas vatatay.. tell that personcalled life to sing with us..

Uma said...

akkhha blog baghitala parat ekda. aai-vadilanna 1 rupaya dhyayala hava tuz nav junuka thevalyabaddal.

Anil P said...

The person called Life leaves us with no other choice, does it?

Junuka said...

:)aavadli ka pan tumhala mazi 'badbad'?mi mhatla hota mi faaaar bolte...aaiebabancha rupaya mazyakadech dya:)

Its actually the other way,the person called life leaves us with N number of choices...!!It is a very liberal person you see:)