an answer to a question never asked

an ongoing project on bathrooms as private spaces.
images:junuka deshpande


anish said...

great orange and green.. jaise bathroom mein bahaar aa gayi hai

garam garam paanyaatna waafaa yetaayt asaa photo ahe ka?
ani waaf khidkitna baher jatey.

or close up of water going down the drain

sahi concept ahe yaar tuza..

Cat-on-the-moon said...

I want to see where this concept goes...:)..

Junuka said...

what do you mean?
is that kaveri i met at Akhilas?

Cat-on-the-moon said...

I meant it looks fun..an 'expose' on peoples private lives via their loos..
yes this is the same Kaveri.

Junuka said...

mmm..that and more..