the two

bihag and marubihag come along like two friends,
two ends of the same spectrum.
of sweetness and of pathos.
of undying hope and of longing.
complementary and yet connected.

i found my dry eyes shining back with water.
and i could relate to the bandish.eyes are an only truth.

e mora re
tumaso laagi
laagi naina
laagi naina, hamare

aao aao garava lagao
sada rang more balama re
e mora re

(naina:eye; mora:mine; garava:neck,body; balama: friend)


anish said...

khoop sundar yaar. he kuthe aikaayla milel ka?

smeedha said...

ja jaa re, apne mandarwa ja
sun paawegi, saas nanadiyaaa..
i used to love bihag, back in the time when i could sing too!:)

Junuka said...

back in the time..hmm..you seem to be feeling old..:P remember?we sang so much once uppon a time on some vague distant island..abhi na jao chhod kar.do you remember my love?:P

Anil P said...

No less haunting when you hear the voice.

Junuka said...