in my window

(in my window,pen and ink on paper)


Anonymous said...

If I was the song that entered your heart
then I was the music of your heart, that you wanted and needed,
and thus wilderness bloomed that, with all its
followers: gardeners, lovers, people who weep
for the death of rivers.

And this was my true task, to be the
music of the body. Do you understand? for truly the body needs
a song, a spirit, a soul. And no less, to make this work,
the soul has need of a body,
and I am both of the earth and I am of the inexplicable
beauty of heaven
where I fly so easily, so welcome, yes,
and this is why I have been sent, to teach this to your heart.”

red bird by mary oliver

still water said...

its beautiful,I feel like I am looking through your eyes..

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry to sound the discordant note, but one wants so much more even from your casual work...the poem by Mary Oliver is nicer...!

Junuka said...

tell me really how to say the more...i strive perpetually all the time.

Anonymous said...

Do the more...not say...i was referring to yr drawing...

If the blog is just rough work, then everything goes...but some quality control may be in order!!

Junuka said...

i think sketchbooks are like notes..that one chooses to share.
and others contribute..take it ahead..like here, the red bird appeared.

Junuka said...

and some day an evolved work shall definitely appear here...

Anonymous said...

The photographs have disappeared...why?

inktales said...

beautiful :)