bheempalas 2

no trace of rest
you all keep me busy.

there is a memory of living in a cold green shadow
and there is one of hot blue thickness.
oh and i fergot about that one blowing wind on a very very old night
when i saw you.
now i run around a polluted ball of mist, finding memories!
with bheempalas.


Anonymous said...

Shall we thank you for freaking this blog out? Where blackness recedes only with cursor movements and with bewildered panicky moves while you deal with your green and blue shadows? And even commenting becomes a Project?

junuka said...

it was a strategy which failed...

Anonymous said...

It is a Masterpiece in Blog Experimentation is what I also recognise: why should user -friendly be a value of interactive design??! Struggle, search, discover is another kind of game!
But yes, thanks for allowing us to now attend to yr blog with ease!