Teresa island

teresa is an island in the central group of nicobar islands, near Chowra island. the sea is very rough near these islands and many times ships return before they reach the shore. As i keep saying over and again, people in the islands are just too loving, just the opposite of the rough sea. here is a dream i had last night as i try to remember it...

the ship going to Campbell bay,Great nicobar embarks at Teresa for sometime. i get off the ship and start walking towards the other end of the island, on the one and only road.Met an old uncle who took me to see something which has newly come up in the island.

suddenly the road joins the river.
there was a river.very small river.
and a very very huge dam geting built on it.big concrete standing tall.
stones getting thrown by bulldozers.
land all empty.
forest shifted off the river bank.(dont know how they did it).
fat government officers speaking loudly.
small villagers hanging around.
uncle says,stay with us.his face smiling,wrincles shining in the sun.

the ship honked.honked again.honked the last time.
and i ran towards it to get in.

*there is no river out here in actuality.there isnt any dam.the shore is damaged and people are trying hard to oevrcome the post tsunami crisis.

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Anonymous said...

andaman ani narmada yanchi sarmisal zaley kaay go pori...?!