A lot of new work is coming up soon. I am scanning the journal pages!
sorry for not showing up for a few days, I was hibernating from the internet.

I am posting a set of three older works. These were also a part of the accidentally deleted works that went into google's black hole a few months ago.

These drawings were done in my final year at NID in 2004
I was missing Ahmedabad today.


Sagar Kolte said...

I had a look at your wordpress site, you have done some very nice work!

Junuka said...

hi sagar, thank you!
am now back on this blog too,shall post some 'desperate' drawings!


Divya Ravindranath said...

beautiful Junuka! i smile when i look at your work!

Punam said...

Drawing 2 is Great!

Junuka said...

thanks divya!:):):)

punam, thanks! love!