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Rs 85. Age 4+
A beautiful pictorial representation of night, this book could really fire a child’s imagination. The black-and-white drawings evoke a complex web of night sounds in the forest – hushed silences, the chirping of crickets, running water, the rustling of leaves. Writer-illustrator Junuka Deshpande is also a filmmaker and it shows on every page of this visually arresting book. Samina Mishra (Book Nook, Time out , Mumbai)


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Chatura said...

I want to buy! Where can I buy it from?


Junuka said...

actually it was published some time ago, i was just reminding everyone:P

you can buy it here

ashortstory said...

looks nice... i want i want.. got the answer to my question without writing it here :)

Junuka said...

u can have a preview of illustrations here http://junuka.carbonmade.com/

noopur said...

woohooo!! bhari bhari!!
mala ajunhi pustak baghayala matra milala nahiye :)

Junuka said...

kahihi kay noopur!!!!!!!!!
mazya hatanni tula dakhavla!!!!!
(tu veglya jagat hotis:P, athavtay ka?)

noopur said...

dakhavala hotas? :O
ho bahutek.. shi.. athavat nahiye.. pan copy denar hotis ti dili nahis.. :P