Indulging for a while recently...

An intuition, an individuality and hence subjectivity of an expression (Ideally in any form, but vitally in a visual expression) is something I feel is the only one which is truly yours.
The rest is the system, the globalized scene especially in a developing country like ours we ought to think similarly, ought to express similarly in order to be objective towards one’s own opinion.This helps only to survive. I feel it is very much a need today to be subjective and thoughtfully value one’s own values and hence an individual expression. A collective expression of each of such process is what I strongly believe in. Through the series of paintings I express my current mindscape, memories, desires and fantasies which arise from every mundane object I get back to after returning from far away land and cultures. Both the worlds question each other and try to rest in my mind. Rather I try to rest them but they don’t. Paintings continue.
In the process of discovering and articulating self my work is creating a room of its own which will give an experience of culture, made of /by/from an individual. The same is true for the process other way around where culture is giving a room for an individual to find itself.
Such rooms around an individual form culture, which is unique for each one. Yet similar in many ways for people from similar social, ethnic and geographic experiences. The individual-culture relationship is layered and complex. A bit abstract too. My work is an interpretation of an experience of return from another culture and digests the step in between which of experiencing the other culture itself.


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