the other-wise..

They say the world changes.But isn’t the world made of us? The change that we talk of is not so simple.Everything does not change.There should be something,which remains constant. That ‘something’ I always see as a very dynamic and powerful which floats around. It comes to you sometimes; sometimes you do not even see a trace of it. It is like the ‘X= constant’ in algebra! Finding
out the value /meaning of this constant , I believe is a challenge for me, importantly, it is needed for this film.

Here I hear songs every day. When I say songs, it is not always a musical tune and words. They are sounds like songs.This area thinks in songs, as someone would think in ‘visuals’ instead of words. When I am on the road, moving from one place to another, it is fun to hear how each driver blows the horn of his vehicle. The way the vehicles are ornamented and painted and the way lots of people sit cramped and stuffed inside with a driver, who is almost out of the jeep but driving…he blows his horn like a song. It actually is a tune he tries to make but because of the situation- terrible road, lot of people, extreme heat-the tune becomes a song of the road. And each driver has his own song of the road. It is not written and composed. It is sung only on the road, differently, every time.This song wakes up the road and the jeep takes the road ahead.How and when will I be able to comprehend all these experiences?

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