For the sake of a single bliss..

When are you going to have food?
when are you going to finish eating?

Junuka when are you going to get married?
when will you apply for further studies?

Junuka when are you going to learn to make chapatis?
when are you going to throw your old jeans and buy new clothes?
when will you wear a saree Junuka?

Tell me tell us tell everyone...

when are you going to put up your exhibition?
when will you make a film?
why aren't you showing your works junuka?
why aren't you making a film?
When will you make a baby?
When will you go back to the islands?
why aren't you going back to the islands?

when will you earn money Junuka, money is important!
when will you settle down?

When are you going to the beauty-parlour?
Look at your face,look at your hair...
When will you pluck your eyebrows?

When are you going to sing Junuka?
Why aren't you doing riyaz?

When are you going to do exercise,get up early and do Pranayam?
why aren't you doing it?

Tell me tell us tell everyone...

When are you?
Junuka, when when when....

Junuka says..
when am I going to die

or fly away or dissolve or evaporate
or become a stone or a frog?
or fume into steam and vanish..?
Tel me ,tel us,tel everyone...

For the sake of a single bliss!!!



Kavita Arvind said...

sigh... you only grow older, the questions may change, but they never quite go away. beautifully written juns... you just dig your toes in and look at all the questions in the eye...

Junuka said...

;))juat venting out, it had all become too much!yes I do look in the eye..but i dont find answers!!!!

Anil Tharayath Varghese said...

These questions which you raised Junuka are very valid actually it is a pain..............
Do whatever you feel yaar

well expressed feelings in words

raya said...
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Junuka said...

thanks for youe comment,i guess i love insomnia jst coz it loves me!

Maureen said...

Dear Junuka,
I just spent ages browsing through your blog. LOVED it. Loved your artwork, your writing too. It brought me much pleasure. I never did make it to the Andamans much to my disappointment - didn't get the permits. Will keep trying though. Hope you are doing well.

Junuka said...

thanks maureen.
do visit the islands.
best wishes.

Keya said...

hi junuka..

i could immediately visualise the images from this poem.. though fortunately i haven't experienced it at my home..(maybe lil)

hang in there buddy.. and do whatever u want..

atreyee said...

I just started doing something about me lonesome blog!:)
Btw glad you liked what you saw? Tanks..like your pome so! Again!:)

Now ...how..do ..I ..add..thee...
on..the roll??

Hope I dnt take another year...:)

aaccha btw shld it be Two Insomniacs ..or do you mean insomnia strikes at 2 a.m..?

meant to ask..phorgot...

Junuka said...

no, its two insomnias!
read my description carefully..
2 states:one to be with ,other to not be with!

raya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Junuka said...

hey how many blogs do you have?

now am really confyused about my blog's name.


Junuka said...

ok.its one thing, the insomnia,lived in either of the two ways..with or without.

georgie said...

I too am a reader of your blog now. Thanks to a common friend I think we have, there seems to be other writing, here as well... writing by other people or am I mistaken? And are all the images yours? They all seem to be different stylistically and if they all are yours then I must say you have a wide oeuvre. Nice work...

Junuka said...

no,all writings and images are mine..till now.
do keep reading it,thanks..!!

Junuka said...

sorry,except the Rumi's poetry..about insomnias.

shilpa das said...

the questions madam. they remain. even when they are not asked, they remain. sometimes, the questions change, but they always hover around you.