Missing Worlds..Dosti ki Dhun

I miss all of this and I guess I am going to keep missing it for the rest of my life.The Nicobar islands and some stories we lived. I thought so much about it that the doctor said I am emotionally exausted. I hate myself for leaving the islands at the same time love the fact that I still have a lot of hope and amazing things to remember and feel good about.
We did work hard and tried our best.But sometimes the dreams can not come true,and its not a crime!
I yearn to live life ahead without the feeling of guilt and longing...
Anyone wants to say anything?


Manak said...

the dreams to remember are not the ones left unfulfilled, sometimes, the dreams to remember are the ones you leave behind to live on through other people.. dreams may not necessarily come true the way we want, but they might still be the truest dreams there ever have been.. keep on dreaming, for yourself and those around you..

Junuka said...

manakbhai,you just wrote what i wanted.
thank you.and share the blog with me,if you dont mind.

nidhi said...

yes I wanna say something!!
just live everyday so that you look back and feel happy about what you have lived...not to regret anything. Yes, we could have done so much more...but what we did when we did, was just about as much as we could have done!!