And all that

One and only NID film club poster I have an image for..Dunno where other works of art are...
The film is fabulous.The 6pm audi was fabulouser.
Its also very cool in its meaning,
well , I am a woman under the influence..

Today feeling high on life,for no particular reason..ONLY feeling
intoxicated,influenced,random and all that and liking it.


raya UD said...

very dynamic

am opposite at this point
kind of lost
kind of hit by s'thing

marwa time,
aamir khan sahebancha marwa aikalayas?

nasashil t sang, cd deto

Junuka said...

wah kya khoob.
maza bageshree mode challay pan.
pan CD aiknar mi.de tu.

Junuka said...

sangu ka
peace is not sucha difficult thing.