Music class is a gift given to me by my guru and friend Anjalitai.Actually its not given to me,it has fallen from top on my head like an unexpected prize on one firday morning. After many years I found back that little rest which existed once long ago in me...
Bageshree moved me inside out.I felt my body resonating and my voice,I dont know where it merged.It was there in its physical existance but I couldnt hear it.It was all and only about feeling.
feeling of folds unfolding.of being in constant light high.
Felt as if everything was talking to me,but without words.Dont know with what.


atreyee said...

I only sing under your influence these days..woman under Junu's influence!:)
When will you come string my tanpura???

It was so strange singing from my old music book 2 at night..Shruti tai snoring slightly..my bed spread peppered with ashes and chocolate chips!

You singing and singing. Me keeping up. you making way. And some more singing!

My gifted friend..my friend a gift!

Junuka said...

hahaha.love to you!

Kavita Arvind said...

woww! wish i could hear you juns... wait a minute, you know what... i actually can! i am so happy for you!

raya UD said...