Wanted to stop
Wanted to block Wanted to cease Wanted to choke
Wanted to run Again.

Wanted it to sleep Wanted it to burn down
Wanted to see it
Floating with the fume

Nothing happened.


raya UD said...

are you kidding me?
you say nothing happened?

not true
not true at all

the rain-water stopped
the trees lost the green
the earth stopped
the sun faded
the stars went dead

it all happened

the moment is full
the moment is complete
in such a moment
it all happened

it happened so much
even you were tranced
a moment
when all that happened

i realised
you closed your eyes...

atreyee said...
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atreyee said...

Sunday, June 15, 2008
To nights of uncertainty
Instant gain, no pain,
Crushed coffee in my imagination
Nescafe in the usual cup
To reaching out
Plucked and picked
Cut Torn Curled

To rides in the wind
treading rain not touching
the ground
To filtered tips
To small tiny sips
Nips pecks buds

To rough foots placed
on perfectly cold Buddha feet
To badly made first films
First poems first love
with the last man mannequin
or motor driven machine
who knows, I care...

To this and that
To made up make ups
To fights to first pimples
Ti the dimple on your chin
To simple sin of Chantille
To the grass under my nose
To the nose under my eyes
To unpretty and unfettered and uncombed
and ungroomed and undone

To wisdom, utter utter stupidity
To hard wins and softer than
a babies bottom- losses
To flossing nicotine and cheese
To triple tums and morning runs
which end and begin in bed
To you to me
To everybody we knew will know or never know
Will ever know , to everyone out there in here
Back there where we left them and how they never left

To those still standing
To those who have been brought to their kness
through age , through lifes expectations ever running dry,
through holding too still for too long , to disease,
To Ma, and some Ba, to Chotomama and Didabhai
and Habu up their and Bhai who's not too far
But never sure how far away
To the family I was born in but will die without

To phoney old laughing gangster grannies
To picking noses and bleeding roses off the fanny
To nannies in the park with nowhere to park their wards
or their dreams to even pick a covert flower without
their watchman lover looking on in lust

To lust,to a 34 bust straining to be 36...
To letting it rising to the crust but not letting it spill
Or flood or overflow to swim swim swim
To turqoise pools chlorine drenched in the rain
To faking interest to not listening
but taking it all in through my eyes nose moth
To the last shout to the Big Shout
To the small gains , to treewalks and resting
To listening to Marwas and Gaur geets
To second besting
To pause
To breathe
To smile
To end

To friends.

Junuka said...

La vie boheme...:)