over and out...

(black ink on handmade paper)

resolutions are something.
they are not meant for resolving
the blog was a resolution

(not crying was
not combing hair was
not making mistakes was
not going bankrupt was
not remembering old stuff was)
so for a while now, i am over and out.
away in search of some more resolutions.

Do stay tuned to twoinsomnias !


apoorva dixit said...

i,apoorva dixit,in the best of my mental health,representin the whole blog reading fraternity request u to resume ur services to ur creative world.Don't run away from ur responsibilities! we need you.

raya UD said...

and that is a resolution,
take a break
a real one
a dense one
an intense one

breaks do good
at times
breaks do wonder
many a times
breaks can depress
but who says depression is
be depressed
just be in the break
see what is it like...

the two insomnias,
keep burning the flames
for the simple difference...

me too
burning along

till then...